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Carpool Procedures

AM Arrival

Please make sure that your student is ready to exit the car quickly upon arrival at the drop-off zone. If you need to assist your child or they need more time, please pull up past the speed bumps and stay to the left side.

The green area is the ONLY area where cars can pass a vehicle that is stopped. 


FGC Traffic Flow Map


PM Dismissal

Students will be dismissed at 2:30 p.m. by Learning Teams to prevent overcrowded hallways.  

Bus Riders

Bus riders will be escorted to their buses.


Walkers will sit socially distanced in the commons area. This will be the last group to leave our building to protect them from moving vehicles in the parking lot.

Car Riders

  • Car riders will sit in our new gymnasium. 
  • All students will be given two name signs for parents/guardians to use when picking up their children. Please put a name sign in the window of the driver’s side of your car. This will promote a prompt dismissal at the end of the day for car riders.

The yellow area in the map below indicates the drop-off area.

The red area in the map below is for parents that need to assist students or for students not ready to exit.

The green area in the map below is the safe passing lane.


FGC Detailed Carpool Map View