Welcome to the Fifth Grade Center (FGC)!Here at the FGC, we have now had several successful years and are looking forward to many more! One of our goals is to build community amongst all of our stakeholders. As a school, we will begin quickly to build relationships with our students and help them get to know one another. As a parent, I encourage you to get involved and get to know other parents. Our Ladue West Parent Association (LWPA) is a great place to start. Our website is full of useful information, which is updated throughout the year. However, if there is ever information you need and can’t find, please contact the office so we can help. If you have a Twitter account, please follow the FGC; this is where most of my communication comes from to you. It is an easy way for me to send out quick updates and pictures of things going on around our school!

Just to tell you a little about myself, my teaching background is in Communication Arts. My passion for building relationships and making connections with students led me to my next career stop, which was to become a school counselor. After obtaining a degree in Educational Leadership, I was very fortunate to become an administrator in Ladue School District. I am currently working on my doctorate at Maryville University. I have been with Ladue Schools since 2008, and have been working in education since 1995. I have extensive experience helping students and parents transition between schools and look forward to working with you and your child.

As you learn more about our school, I hope you will become involved and help us support and celebrate the education of our young students!


Dr. Julie Helm
(314) 983-5540